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Client education night

Client education dinner

Client education dinner

Occasionally we host an educational dinner for clients and guests. Dinner is followed by two presentations: one is usually by an investment management company and Dave does the other one.  The purpose is threefold:
1. to communicate essential financial planning concepts face to face with you and many other clients at the same time;

2. to provide a comfortable environment for interested prospective clients to hear from us and decide if they would like to schedule a first personal interview.

3. to provide you with direct contact with a company which likely manages some of your assets.

Please invite guests with whom you believe we would enjoy working.

There is no cost but a reservation is required. Please email or phone the office and leave a message. Please remember to tell us about guests you invite and the total number of people coming in your group.

The Client Education Night Dinner is normally scheduled for late October and is usually held at the Hellenic Community Centre at 1315 Prince of Wales Dr., south of Heron Rd.

Sample Timetable
6:00 Cash Bar, seating at 6:20
6:30 Buffet dinner begins
7:00 Presentation by investment company –
7:40 Presentation by financial advisor
8:30 Question and answer period – advance questions encouraged