Sunday, May 29th, 2022


Building lifetime financial plan scenarios –  HollisWealth has launched an innovative financial planning software called myWealthPlanner+ that :

  • extracts account values and investment holdings from our back office client account database
  • is comprehensive and can work in the areas of cash flow, debt management, net worth, retirement goal setting, insurance needs analysis, retirement income and education funding
  • is completely online
  • runs simulations to estimate the probability of reaching retirement income goals
  • we can quickly update as a part of an annual financial review
  • Plan types – In order to implement financial strategies we can open:
  • RRSPs – Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  • RRIFs – Registered Retirement Income Plans
  • TFSAs – Tax Free Savings Accounts
  • RESPs – Registered Education Savings Plans
  • RDSPs – Registered Disability Savings Plans
  • Regular investment accounts
  • High interest savings accounts

Mutual fund investing – HollisWealth is a trade name of Investia Financial Services Inc. is a mutual fund dealer with access to almost every fund in Canada, including these few companies which we believe  offer a few superior products and with whom we have a strong professional relationship.

Tax return preparation – every year we do over 100 client tax returns. This helps ensure that the tax effects of planning are properly implemented. We use professional software which enables accurate and speedy filing.

Life, disability, critical illness and health insurance – Hollis Insurance is an insurance brokerage with access to  most insurance companies in Canada. We can provide life, disability, critical illness and  health insurance from companies such as:

Referral to and working with other professionals such as:

Mortgage brokers for:

  • Purchasing your home
  • Renewing your mortgage
  • Setting up a home equity line of credit

Lawyers for:

  • wills and powers of attorney
  • estate planning
  • incorporation
  • house purchase
  • marriage mediation
  • contesting income tax assessments
  • income splitting arrangements with your family
  • Planning for families with a disabled dependent

Accountants for

  • business accounting
  • preparing very complex or important tax returns