Sunday, April 21st, 2024

Partners “Bill of Rights”

A partnership to achieve your goals

A partnership to achieve your goals

Effective financial planning really is a partnership between a trusted advisor and a motivated client. Neither one alone can create a successful plan.

Client Partner
1. Your plan.  At the beginning of our relationship a comprehensive picture of your situation will be collected. A plan will be developed to match your goals and fits your resources.

2. Periodic reviews of your plan.  You may choose to have your plan reviewed once a year to ensure it is on track. Investment results should be evaluated at least once every three years. 

3. Response to your calls. Your calls/emails will normally be returned within one to two business days, depending on the level of urgency.

4. Your financial education. We believe that your interests are best served when you are educated on key financial issues. We will provide occasional newsletters and education events and are always available to discuss financial strategies.

Planner Partners
1. Our education. We will stay on the leading edge of financial planning education through continuous professional development.

2. Your involvement. We expect you to show initiative in supporting your plan. If you feel a need to talk or meet, please contact us. We do not read minds very well.

3. Your right not to worry. We will work diligently to maintain your plan. This does not include controlling or predicting short term investment markets. We ask that you not spend much time worrying when investment markets are scary. You have delegated that to us.