Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

Financial planning checkup

Financial planning checklist

Financial planning checklist

Print and use this list to find out if your financial plan is comprehensive.  
1.  I have a written financial plan which has been implemented
2.  My financial plan is monitored and reviewed
3.  Based on a needs analysis I have appropriate life and disability insurance
4.  I am well informed about my tax return
5.  I know the tax rate on my next dollar of income
6.  My plan accounts for inflation of 2% to 3%
7.  I have a plan to double my retirement income every twenty to thirty years (after I retire)
8.  I know my projected pension benefit and the inflation adjustment clauses in my pension plan
9.  My investments are capable of generating my required long term rate of return
10.  I understand the nature of my investments
11.  I have a carefully planned will.
12.  I have high quality health care and property powers of attorney

My score is ____ out of 12

My Top 3 priorities:

1. ______________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________