Sunday, April 21st, 2024

First meeting agenda

The purpose of this meeting is to: allow you to learn or review a few financial planning concepts and how my team services the needs of clients; and to allow us to learn about your current situation and goals for the future in order to develop a proposed financial plan. Normally the first meeting proceeds along the agenda which follows and takes about 60-90 minutes, but every meeting is a little different and discussion is most welcome. 
1. Your present situation (approx. 45 min) :

 – family

– employment and benefits

 – wills and powers of attorney

– life and disability insurance

– income and major financial related spending

– assets and liabilities

– income tax situation, RSP, TFSA limits

2. The role of (approx 45 min):

– a financial planner

– basic financial concepts

3. Specific goals of planning. If we agree to work together and you are looking back three years from now, what will have needed to happen to make you very happy about the financial planning process and our work together?
4. Q&A

5. Scheduling of second meeting to review proposed financial plan.  

Bring to first meeting
+ investment statements                  + insurance policies and statements
+ will and power of attorney            + debt info
+ pension info                                  + employment benefits
+ pay stub                                        + mortgage statement