Thursday, July 25th, 2024


Our team is an independent provider of financial services using comprehensive financial planning to help our clients determine their wants and needs, develop a written plan to achieve these and implement and monitor the plan through the years. We aim to add value to our clients’ financial lives by:
  • Motivating our clients to implement sound financial plans
  • Ensuring the major aspects of our clients’ financial planning have been carefully addressed
  • Monitoring investments and plan progress to adapt where necessary
  • Providing sound advice so clients worry less and save time to enjoy the rest of their lives
  • Helping clients avoid the critical mistakes that erode wealth

We primarily serve clients in the Ottawa region who have the desire and resources to build and protect wealth. Our typical client has a very busy life and delegates willingly to competent professionals.

When clients enter our office they immediately feel comfortable in the surroundings. They are treated with warmth by people who know them by first name and are familiar with their non-financial lives.

When our clients know someone who could benefit from professional financial advice they are comfortable referring them to us.  We currently have a team of three dedicated people to help manage our clients’ financial needs and goals.

Our core values:

We have seven core values that we believe are necessary to operate successfully as a business. The seven values guide us in all of our activities and are at the heart of our interactions with clients.  These values set us apart and also link our clients and personnel together on the path to continued success.

Rationality: we strive to apply a rational approach to all business processes and recommendations

Independence: we continue learning and applying independent thought to solving client problems

Integrity: we earn clients’ trust by delivering on promises and providing transparency

Justice: we understand that decisions have consequences and work to keep client problems in full context

Honesty: we know honesty is the only way to maintain trust and build strong long-term relationships

Productivity: we work hard to produce practical results that provide value for clients

Pride: in following our values, we take pride in our work and continuing success