Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Creating a legacy

Create a legacy

Create a legacy




You can make a difference in the lives that follow. You can do so in at least three ways:

1. You will be remembered by your actions during your life, including your ability to help others financially.

2. If you die while your family still depends on you for financial security, your will and life insurance can ensure their security when you are gone.

3. If you are a good custodian of the wealth you build during your lifetime and plan for the future when you are gone, your wealth can benefit generations of descendants.
A complete financial plan can help you with all of these, possibly through the areas of:

cash flow planning

tax planning

insurance and estate planning

investment planning

Whether you hope to have a library named for you or help your grandchildren through school, we have the expertise or can work with other professionals to help you create a legacy of your own.

 A multigenerational investment program not based on equities is a dead thing.”

 – Nick Murray