Thursday, July 25th, 2024

Ontario Estate Administration Tax (EAT) 2015 changes

The beginning of 2015 saw a dramatic change in how estates in Ontario are administered. The stated goal of the legislative change is to “enhance compliance” – which really means an attempt at collecting more tax. The process of court certification of a will that gives the executor (officially known as an “estate trustee) the […]

Income mobility in Canada

As a person who believes in the greatness of human abilities and is deeply aware of economics, production and wealth creation, I am often frustrated by social problems that I believe can easily be solved through economic freedom but which are prevented by the entrenched collectivism that has come to permeate much of our society. […]

Reminder: 30% offset of Ontario tuition fees requires that you ask

“Money you don’t have to repay, designed for students entering a public college or university program from high school, or within four years of graduating from high school. You can apply for this program without applying for OSAP.” So says the website of the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.  Last year in the […]