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Update – Trimark Global Endeavor

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Erin Greenfield, co-manager of the Trimark Global Endeavor Fund spoke to financial advisors in Ottawa in November 2015. The investment philosophy of the whole Trimark team has several primary characteristics: Recognize you are buying a business, not just a stock; Focus on quality of the company and its management; Use a strict discipline when assessing the […]

Ontario Estate Administration Tax (EAT) 2015 changes

The beginning of 2015 saw a dramatic change in how estates in Ontario are administered. The stated goal of the legislative change is to “enhance compliance” – which really means an attempt at collecting more tax. The process of court certification of a will that gives the executor (officially known as an “estate trustee) the […]

They think… I know

In my experience, my business philosophy is different from many financial advisors.  Imagine you are meeting an advisor for an initial interview. The discussion likely centers on what you think you want. You might do a questionnaire that is supposed to assess your willingness to deal with “risk”.  Eventually, the advisor tells you he can […]

Ivy: a brief history

Reprinted with permission from the Mackenzie Ivy Quarterly Report, Q3 2015. Ivy was established at Mackenzie back in 1992 and it is a reflection of Jerry Javasky, co-founder of Ivy and his very cautious and diligent investment style. There have been a number of people over the years (some who have come and gone) that have made […]