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Ivy: success explained

Reprinted with permission from the Mackenzie Ivy Quarterly Report, Q3 2015. Ivy has had a long-term track record of success not only in terms of mutual fund returns but also with respect to client outcomes. We believe this success has been achieved primarily because of our belief system, which has been built upon by the […]

Cundill Value Fund update

I recently had the opportunity to privately talk with Lawrence Chin, co-manager of the Mackenzie Cundill Value Fund. Lawrence noted that the fund has under performed the group average recently due to its exposure to some energy and materials companies and lack of exposure to large high tech companies, combined with the fact the market […]

Why does pessimism sound so smart?

I came across this terrific article that talks about several reasons why the press, politicians and most everyone else tends to treat optimists like reckless cheerleaders and pessimists as intellectually captivating.  In Matt Ridley’s book “The Rational Optimist” he wrote: If you say the world has been getting better you may get away with being called […]

What’s new for your 2015 and 2016 tax returns

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With every new government it seems must come a bunch of tinkering with the incredibly complex income tax system, as each government rewards some groups and takes more from others.  IN 2016 Canada elected a new Federal Government and they have already announced a batch of changes, with final details to come shortly in a […]