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While people need good advice, what they want is advice that sounds good

I came across a truly exceptional article today and thought it was well worth sharing some of the most important points made by the author and a few comments of my own. 1. “That’s because good advice rarely changes, while markets change constantly. The temptation to pander is almost irresistible. And while people need good […]

More about investment market “corrections”

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To make it clear how integral market corrections/fluctuations/downturns/whatchamacallits are to the process of earning the superior long term returns that accrue to the owners of the great businesses of the world, consider the statistics below that are frequently quoted in the media and which I read once more this month in a circular from Fidelity […]

Beware of an email scam pretending to be from the CRA

October 18, 2014 by  
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As a tax preparer I am very familiar with many of the procedures of the Canada Revenue Agency.  At this time of year you may be particularly susceptible to a fraudulent email that a client forwarded to me because she was not sure if it was legitimate.  The CRA will NEVER contact you in this […]

What is a “market correction”?

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Unlike some projections of future values, investment markets do not proceed forward in a straight line, but rather feature fluctuations on every time scale.  Fluctuations are due to the constant reassessment of investors about the future value of each investment based on the constant flow of new information.  These fluctuations are a normal and healthy […]