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Certified Executor Advisor – added qualification for Dave

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A Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) is an accredited specialist advising Canadian executors using a team-oriented networking approach.

CEAs will likely have expertise in one or more of the disciplines required by executors and, by taking the CEA program, gain a practical level of knowledge in all remaining areas.  Their relationships with experts in these other areas help them provide executors with general guidance while providing comprehensive support as and when needed.

Consider that virtually every family in Canada will appoint at least one executor – their most trusted decision-maker – someone who will take on one of the most challenging roles of their life, on short notice.  Given the number of affected Canadians, the volume of wealth involved, the complexity and challenges of a modern estate, and the implications for Canadian families, the most surprising thing about the CEA is that it did not exist until now.  Where will clients turn for help?  Now they can turn to us more than ever before.

After helping a number of client families through the estate planning and settlement process I have gained valuable experience and have started to share this more proactively with clients.  Not only can I help you organize your estate and plan some important financial aspects of your estate, I can help you or your family through the sometimes arduous process of dealing with the estate when someone dies.  After some consideration, I decided to add the CEA designation to my qualifications.  My expectation is that this type of work will be part of my existing value offering to clients and so will be included in my existing compensation.

If you would like to talk about how I can help you with this type of work, please place it on the agenda for our next scheduled meeting, or if you think it is more time sensitive for you, please contact me at will.

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