Monday, November 19th, 2018

Financial classes

How much financial education do YOU have?

How much financial education do YOU have?

As each school semester starts you may wish to refresh your knowledge of financial planning with an in-depth look at one or more topics and I know just the guy to see!

He has a degree in education, taught for six years in both university and public schools and since 1994 has taught classes in the continuing education department of one of the local school boards. You guessed it – that’s Dave. He designed the course content and has refined it over the years to both improve it and keep the content current.

Many times over the past few years clients have sought lengthy discussions about planning strategies and investment issues. Almost all the answers clients seek are included in the course material, which consists of five classes of three hours each and a handout of about 50 pages per class.

Attend as many classes as you can if you need a good dose of optimism, confidence, and distilled wisdom.  If you sign up for the whole series the fee is eligible for a tuition credit on your tax return.  Feel free to ask us which classes we would most recommend for your specific interests.  An excellent investment of your time!

Financial Classes

For the 16th year Dave is teaching classes through the adult education interest courses division of a local school board. $27 per class or sign up for the whole series for maximum value.

1. Investment basics and mutual funds

2. Lining up your legal ducks (taught by lawyer Pat Murphy)

3. What if I live to 100?

4. Debt: the good, the bad and the ugly

5. Deduct this!

The location is St. Patrick High on Alta Vista.  You can find registration information on the school board’s web site .

Hope to see you there!